Illustrations & Illustrated Maps

When travel meets art.

Illustrated Travel Maps

Even though we live in a digital age, nothing can beat a hand-drawn, authentic map of a place.

We create custom maps by combining analog and digital drawing, so we can make them as accurate as you need, while keeping them aesthetically pleasing and distinct.

You can use them to add a personal touch to your itineraries, brochures, destination guides, and they can also be perfect as unique postcards or print.

Contact us, and let’s create a custom map for your destination!

Illustrated Maps
Illustration of Santorini

Travel & Lifestyle Illustrations

From landmarks to alfresco dining by the sea, illustrations can perfectly capture a destination’s essence, portray the mood or a social setting of a certain place and present local cultural experiences.

They are also great to portray a specific lifestyle that aligns with your target audience, and showcase your business’ value through it.

From the marketing perspective, illustrations are extremely versatile and long-term content asset that you can use in both digital and traditional communication channels, and even as a unique artwork in your hotel!

My favourite part about illustrating is there are no limits – everything you can imagine, you can turn into a dazzling illustration.

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Mixed Media

In the world of social media platforms, stunning visuals are a must for any type of travel business. But how do you stand out in the sea of déjà vu travel content and do something different? 

Mixed media content is the answer.

By combining the best of both worlds – illustration and photography or animation and videography – mixed media content is perfect for travel brands that aim at millennials and Gen Z audience.

When creating this type of content, it’s important to incorporate illustrated elements to create a story around the objects and a place. That why even the most boring photos get a new meaning and transform into a scroll-stopping content.

Just reach out to us and let’s add a twist to your photos too!


Don't Just Take Our Word For It


The good thing about illustrations, besides their originality and authenticity, is they are an incredibly versatile content asset. There are so many ways that you can use them – on social media, in campaigns, newsletters, on your website and much more. One of my clients even uses an illustration I did for her in her email signature!

So you can use them in many ways, but I always take the time to understand what my client wants, and to offer my expertise on how my illustrations can be used effectively.

I’ve shared some ideas on how to use illustrations to make an impact on our blog, so you can check it out to get some inspiration.

The price depends on the type of the project, because there are many factors that form the final price.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to get a quote without any obligations.

Whether you already have a project on your mind, or you need more information about this service before you decide you want to go ahead, the next step is to contact us. Tell us about you, your travel business, and tell us about illustrations and/or maps you want us to create for you or ask any questions you might have.

You can use the contact form on this page, or head to contact page for other ways you can reach out to us.

As soon as we agree on the project and sign the contract, I start working on the illustration(s).

I always develop three different concepts and deliver them to you. So you and your team can decide which one will work the best for your brand. Depending on the number of pieces and the size of the project, it usually takes me around one week to deliver the concepts.

When I get your feedback and we agree on the concept you want to proceed with, I then develop it further and finalise it. This also usually takes around a week, but again – it depends on the number of pieces and the size of the project.

Once I send you the final illustrations for approval, I do one more round of revisions if necessary, based on your feedback. After that, I will deliver the illustrations to you in the file formats you require, optimised for the channels where you are planning to use them.


My partner, Alistair Webster, does a motion design as well and he can turn any illustration I create into an eye-catching animation!

This way you can create amazing branded explainer videos and add movement to your website and social media.

Anything, literally! Whether you have a photo you want to turn into illustration, or you want an original concept, a city map, a destination highlight, or more abstract illustrations that showcase your brand – creativity has no limits!